Hello world!

Well this is my second go at blogging!  A few years ago I thought that a blogg would be a good thing but had no real reason to do it!  I am not a natural at writing for the sake of writing so that blog disappeared never to be seen again. 

This come I come with a purpose, with a passion that drives me!  God has called me to plant a church somewhere in the US and at this time Philip, Elizabeth, Amy and I are waiting on God to show us where!  I have also found myself wrestling through a lot of other issues so I thought that it would be great to share those with the world and hopefully get some feedback from those gracious enough to read the posts! 

Fortunately you will not just reeive ramblings from me but you will also learn about my family and you will also see resources that are helpful to me in my journey!  By God’s grace this site will be a blessing to you and an encouragement to share the love of Christ with others!

 Thanks in advance for visiting my blog and sharing your thoughts and words with me!


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