natural instinct

“Today, the church is like a bear fed by tourists. It’s lost its natural ability. We need to share Christ in meaningful ways without just inviting people to a congregational event.” – Ed Stetzer

This qoute is out of the article located at this site:

I have been continually challenged over the last few years to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with others but the problem is as Stetzer puts it that many of us have come to equate evangelism with bringing people to our worship services.  The other extreme that many of us are accustomed to is cold call evangelism where you walk down the street and talk with someone or show up at their door.  In this article Stetzer wisely calls people to begin building relationships with people who do not know Christ and in time you will open the door to share the good news of Jesus with them. 

From my own experience of being lost in the Christian bubble for nine years I know that it is difficult for me to naturally build bridges with the unchurched.  My friends and connections generally tend to be with those whom I attend church with.  My desire is to grow in such a way that many of my friends are not followers of Christ. 

 As I consider church planting it is my desire to see others come to Christ through relationships they have with believers.  I long to see a church born out of and sustained by the habits of members connecting with the lost and seeing them to Christ! I hope as Stetzer puts it to see Christians begin to use their inward, “natural” abiblity to begin to see others come to Christ.


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