the team God is creating


This past summer when my dad was in town, home from Chad, I talked with him that I was starting to pray and think about the team that we would go plant a church with.  To be most successful in church planting I am convinced that I should go with a team.  My dad also told me he would be praying for the people God would take with us to plant a church. 


Shortly after that is when I took the class INTRO TO CHURCH PLANTING, it also was with J.D. Payne.  While taking that class Philip and I met and started to build a great friendship.  I had been going to Crossing with him for a little while but just never got to know him.  Quickly our friendship kicked off and began to grow.  We talk a lot over the next few months and in the fall we also took a class together.  Shortly after classes began in the fall Philip and I started meeting almost every week to pray and encourage one another in the faith.   At some point either in the summer or fall Dustin confirmed my call to church planting saying that he could see me planting a church. At some point Dustin had said to Philip that the two of us should plant a church together!  The funny thing is that I had entertained this thought a little already!

 Then this January Amy and I went on a little mission trip to New Orleans that Philip was leading. The trip was to go help Sojourn, James Welch’s church plant.  On Sunday we help do a celebration service at Convergence (Sojourn’s art gallery) to kick things off.  During that service I told Philip that I seriously wanted to consider planting a church with he and Elizabeth.   

The neat thing is that at some point during the trip Amy and Elizabeth had a conversation about what each of us wanted in the city where we planted a church.  The big thing that stood out was that we both wanted a city that had a big university.  On the way home Philip and I talk and decided that we would meet each week to discuss and pray about the plan to plant together.  We also said that our families needed to start getting together a couple times a month to deepen our relationships and pray about this decision! 


A week or two after getting home we all got together and had a great time.  As we sat and talk Amy said we should make a list of pros and cons that we should consider if we planted a church together!  We had no negative reasons as to why we should not plant a church together. All of our reasons were very positive!  From that night on I believe that all of us were committed to planting a church together. 


The great thing is that each of us is very committed to planting a church together!  All this talk with them has only got us more excited about heading to the field to plant a church! One of the coolest parts as Philip put it, is that we were all friends first and then we became a church planting team!


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  1. dad

    son, who better than to be your “first responder” than your dad who thinks your # one. our internet broadband has been down for a couple weeks and just came back last night for a short time, off again on again this morning. good idea to blog to journal your thoughts. Father give wade, amy, philip & elizabeth clear vision of the work you would have them accomplish in their ministry; i pray that their lives will be one long daily, hourly record of answered prayer. anoint them to do your work Lord; abundantly bless their ministry; keep their bodies strong for many years of service. thank you Father.

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