Starbucks is not a lesson in hypocrisy

I started working at Starbucks back in February of this year and to be honest I have enjoyed every minute of it. For two years I had desired to be a partner with the company but God did not allow the opportunity. One of the reason that I wanted to work there so bad was because it was romanticised in my mind.  I had heard so many good things about the company about the fun that partners had and the way that the company treated them. I also have always loved the neighborhood gathering place that many coffee shops have become in America.  Finally, I love the drinks that they offer but can not justify the expense in the time and place of our family. 
With that said how many times have you dream about and romanticised a person or a place only to be greatly dissappointed when you met that person or revisted that place. They just couldn’t deliver because of having to compete with such visions of grandeur in your mind. The amazing thing is that for me this has not been the case in regards to Starbucks. Every since I started they have met and exceded the expectation that I had dreamed up in my rather romantic mind.First Starbucks truly does treat their partners with respect and dignity. The benefits that they pass onto their partners is amazing.  Secondly they have taught me so much in my time there not because I am anything special but simply because that is the culture that is Starbucks.Community is developed in each store in many different ways. Sometimes it developes between the partners that work in there and some times it happens between partners and customers and finally it can happen between customers and customers. Just today as I came into work an hour late, extremely frustrated many of the partners I found to be genuinely concerned about my welfare because it is out of character for me to be late. I am thankful to work in a place where people care. Next I think of a story at another store where a partner has developed such a close conection with the customers that when she is not there customers get frustrated.  She treats them right and enjoys their company.  Finaly I think of the group of people that come in almost evey morning to my store to hang out and shoot the breeze. One of the gentleman always picks up the local paper and gets a venti cup of coffee in a for here cup.  This group of people enjoys meeting in my Starbucks almost every day. Starbucks is a place where community happens!

 I am proud to say that I work at Starbucks and that you will not find it to be a place of hypocrisy. They truly are who they say they are and that is to be respected.  Their core purpose is that they will be a place that enriches people’s daily lives. As a company that purpose is not just extended to customers but it is meant to be that every Starbuck’s partners strives to do this whether it be with a customer, a vendor, another partner, or a coffee farmer in South America.  I have found that this is the case from the top down.  Again I am thankful to be a part of a such a genuine corporation!

 Starbucks is not a lesson in hypocrisy! 


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One response to “Starbucks is not a lesson in hypocrisy

  1. dad

    Starbucks sounds like a great place to work!

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