focused on a vision

As followers of Jesus Christ we should have one constant vision and that is to see that His name and work are spread that others might come to know his great love. More than likely that last sentence could be written in a more poetic way but I think that you get the point.  How many of us live with that constant vision in front of our faces? How many of us on a daily basis spread His name knowing that when others meet Him their lives will be so radically different, that they will never want to go back to the old life? As I ask those questions I find that I am challenging myself more than any one who may take the time to read this post.One of the things that has amazed me as I have spent time working at Starbucks and also read Howard Schultz’s book “Pour Your Heart into it” is the singleness of vision and passion that has consumed that man over the years as he has watched Starbucks grow in leaps and bounds. From the time he gained the vision for what Starbucks could be his single passion has been to allow as many people as possible enjoy fine coffee. This reminds me also of Rick Warren who I have heard say over and over, “Reach one more for Jesus.” For Warren it is in not how big the church should be but rather are there more who need to know Jesus. Perhaps we could learn a few things from Starbucks and Warren!

As I write, my challenge to all of us who love and know Jesus is to find that singleness of vision and passion. Help your church find that singelness of vision and passion and then do everything you gain to keep it burning. How will we see America changed, how will we see the world changed? It will only happen when the followers of Christ find the vision to see His glory spread throughout the world, Sounds a little like Piper, okay maybe a lot!!! But seriously when you get done reading this take some time to ask God to burn within you a renewed passion to see others come to the knowledge of Jesus Christ!  You and I both know that they will know no greater joy than walking closely with the Savior!


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  1. dad

    son, keep it going; you are a good read; I’m with you!

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