failure: i always hear it is good for you

This summer, I along with some friends desired to start something new from basically nothing, unfortunately it seems to have failed.  Maybe not I could be a bit pessimistic but with the summer coming to the end, school starting up soon and a baby coming in two months it feels a bit hopeless.  As a result I find myself wrestling with failure. Failure I have heard can be really good for us.  John Maxwell even has a book called “Failing Forward.” You hear people talk about all the great people through history who have failed a million times before they finally made it. I will tell you and I imagine that many of you can relate that when you are in the middle of the potential failure it makes you question a lot of things.  Things like the future direction of your life.  So what do you do in those times? How do you move past it.  In reality if Edison stopped attempting to make light bulbs after the first few attempts where would we be today. 

When I think about that I realize that what I need to do is learn from this experience.  Stop ask myself if I were to start over what would I do differently. How would I precede in the future?  What things were laking in my leadership that did not allow it to sucede.  This is so huge in the aiding of our growth as a person. 

Today I find myself at a crossroads.  Do I continue to go forward and hope that maybe this thing can still succeede or do we fold up shop and throw in the towel?


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