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Alexa: a tribute

This last weekend I made a long trip to Cortland NY with Alex, Noah and a good friend.  Amy was not able to make the trip because she is eight months pregnant and quite uncomfortable!  So it was the four of us on an eleven hour adventure to upstate New York!

Alexa is our first born and is four and a half years old! She is a beautiful little girl, who is strong willed and independent!  She loves to try new things as well as figure stuff out on her own. At my moms in NY one of the things she got to do was ride on a four wheeler.  She totally loved it and could not get enough of it!  She loved the speed and adventure of it! When we were in VA she got the pleasure of riding on a ski boat, she couldn’t get enough of it!  She sat at the front of the boat holding a rope and led the charge!  As a father I am so excited to she what she will do to impact this world with her adventurous spirit and drive to win!

God has blessed us so much by giving us Alexa!! 

As I reflected on the weekend and some of Alexa’s past acts I am amazed at how big of a heart a four year old can have!  Yes, at times because she is so strong-willed she can drive us insane but that is all a part of growing up!  She also can get in some little tiffs with her brother Noah, which is also expected of two siblings!  BUT…at times her heart and sacrafice rivals that of grown God-following adults!  For instance when we were driving home from NY Noah had run out of juice and was crying for more.  I did not have anymore to put in his cup so he cried.  A couple minutes later I looked back and Alexa had given her brother her juice cup and what remained of her juice!  As a father I was so proud!  Another time Noah was so sad because he had forgotten a tooth brush at his grandmas. The next thing I know Alexa had given hers to him!  The sacraficial love from this child blows me away!!!

 At times I find myself so challenged by my children and this weekend was one of those times! Alexa was so willing to give of herself to help her brother out! I was amazed and was so proud!  I praise God for her everyday!

 I would be at fault for not stopping as well to give a big shout out to Amy, my wife and the mother of our children!  A major reason our children have such big hearts and Alexa was willing to give of herself is because Amy does this all the time!  She is an example of sacrifice and love!  Yes she does teach our children the importance of sharing and giving but more importantly she is an example to our children and they have learned well from it! 

 So to the love of my life thanks so much for all that you do to train our children to love others!!!!


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