To our joy Emma Lynn Harris entered the world and our family this morning at 7:42 am! 

Last night around one I was awoken to the sound of Amy’s voice telling me that she thought her water had broke! So after talking it over and reading through a helpful book we decided that it had indeed truly broken!  We headed to the hospital for the fourth time but were thankful because we knew we would not be sent home!

At the hospital she was quickly hooked to the IV to begin given her medicine to make contractions start and then we were moved to a room!  At 5:30 Amy got her drugs in the form of an epideral and I receivced my drugs in the form of a grande Americano with whip! She also found out she was 5.5 cm dialated!  She slept from about six to seven and then was examined and they found out she was fully dialated. Emma was on her way out!  The doctor then got there to catch the baby after Amy pushed for 3 minutes! 

Our little Girl

 We are so thankful for the Lord and His blessing us with baby Emma!!!


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