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A Time to Learn

My family and I have been attending Morningstar Baptist church since our return to Dayton, OH and during this time the body there has been looking for a pastor.  The journey has been up and down, but through it all I truly believe that God has been magnfied and this church has grown in unity and love as a result. We as a family have been so blessed as we have served in this body and our love for the body has grown.

As I write I am sitting here listening to the man who may be the future leader/shepherd of Morningstar.  To be honest whether or not he becomes the pastor here I know that I have been so blessed to experience this weekend in Morningstar’s history.  The man has been so organized and his heart has been to show the church who he is and where he will take them if he were to become the pastor.  As a young man, who believes he is called to ministry I have had the opportunity to learn first hand what it means to have a vision and to share that with others. The man said, “people do not give to need, they give to vision.”  The point being that as I canidate at a church or I interview at a ministry I must seek the Lord for a vision for that ministry so that it will be clear to the people where they will be going.  That is the type of man they will want to follow.

Next week I will have to let you all know whether this man was called to Morningstar.  I pray that it is God’s will that this man comes.  Regardless though I am thankful for how God has already used this man to sharpen me as His child!


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