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The Spirit…would you know if He were gone?

Today in Sunday school we talked about Pentecost and the coming of the Spirit! What an exciting time for the disciples as they finally received the promised gift, that was to give them power to go proclaim the gospel. The Spirit came with such a bang that it could not be denied that it had come. Then you have Peter who went from denying Jesus to being beaten for proclaiming Jesus and eventually would die a martyrs death. Wow how could you deny that the Spirit had come and radically empowered people!

This makes me ask would I know if the Spirit were not in my life? Would you know, if you are follower of Christ, if the Spirit were gone one day?

This morning I started to ponder how easily I back down in fear and run with my tail between my legs. This made me wonder how often or what percentage of my life is really led by the Spirit. I long to live as Peter and to overcome my fears tbrpught the Spirit.

Then you have to ask how much of the church would know if the Spirit were at work? If the majority of the church were led by the power of the Spirit would we not see the church advancing in America?

So the challenge to myself and to you if you like is to go spend some time with the Lord and evaluate your life as to the Spirit’s work in your life? Spend time to see if there Are things in your life that is an obstacle to the Spirit working. Pray for the strength to die to the flesh and to live in the Spirit. Finally, start asking God to overwhelm you with the Spirit that you may become a beleiver who is led by the Spirit day by day! Then we will see the great power of the Spirit! Then we would begin understand how desperately we need the Spirit as a follower of Christ!


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