God: a better parent

This taken from “Think Orange” written by Reggie Joiner. He reminds us that God is God and that we need to trust Him with our kids.

“I am not trying to make them happy;
I want them to really live.

In the middle of their pain,
I can be a better friend than anyone,
even you.

I am the only one who can really
love them unconditionally,
forgive them forever,
and be a perfect Father.

So maybe you just need to trust Me
enough so they can see Me.

with all your issues,
I think it’s probably better
for them to trust Me more
than they trust you.

Isn’t it more important for them
to love Me more
than they love you?

I can heal their hearts;
you can’t.

I can give them eternal life;
You can’t.

I am God;
you’re not.”

Pg 56 “Think Orange”

May each of us realize the truth of this as we seek to raise our kids to love and know God! Parenting can be scary, in those times we need to trust God more!


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