We are shepherds- Please respond!

The kidsLike arrows in the hand of a warrior
are the children of one’s youth.

Psalm 127:4

Friends and Readers,

I am always curious what others do to riase up their children in the Lord. Moses told the children of Israel to make sure that they pass things onto their kids and it is the desire of my heart that I do that with our three children. I find it easy to think that as long as I have our kids in church and Sunday School that they will learn the Bible and grow up following the Lord. I know that is not the case but rather as Amy and I live lives of faith in Christ our kids will pick up the truth.

Would you please respond with comments and share what other ways you shepherd your children. What is it you do to pass on your faith to your children? How do you implement the things of God into your everyday life so that your children see?

Again please take a few minutes to comment.


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One response to “We are shepherds- Please respond!

  1. monica hartz

    Brian and I always try and keep it natural. I don’t want to push it with the kids because then they go into shut down mode. I do the obvious things when they start talking about bugs or animals. I always ask who made the spider. Then they reply God. Then they start talking about God, God made the….. In disipline I tell them that they disobeyed and that hurts mommy but they hurt Jesus more. That is why Jesus had to die on the cross, because of the bad things that you do. But just like jesus forgives us when we ask, mommy is going to forgive you. When I sin like lose my temper, I ask for their forgiveness. I say mommy needs jesus just like you need jesus. Jesus died for mommy too. Emma has been asking me what is wrong with people in wheel chairs or with people that have noticeable physical problems. I always tell her that is the way God made them. We are all different. Whatever the subject I always try and keep it natural and I always try to not preach to them. Nothing is worse than over bearing religous parents. I want them to see ots not about religon, its a relationship with Jesus, perfection not required.

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