25 Days Update 1

First click here: 5K for 25 days to learn about this and how you can donate funds.

I am so excited for how this is already being used to encourage people and bring glory to God! I am two days into promotion and $320 has been pledged. That means only $4680 to go or 47 more $100 sponsors. Please though don’t hesitate to give if it is only $5 or $10. The truth is it is going to take everyone’s help to reach the goal and beyond. Another cool thing is that a friend of mine gave me a pair of New Balance running shoes. This is huge because my running shoes are almost three years old!

A couple of promotion opportunities to be praying for are the Dayton Daily News and Starbucks. The store I work at is going to allow me to put up information and this will allow me to find a lot more sponsors. Secondly some editorial writers at the Dayton Daily News have heard about what I am doing and now I am praying they will want to do a piece on it. My prayer is that for God’s glory that the goal of $5000 will be blown out of the water!!!

Theresa Flores is on the board at Gracehaven and this a quote from her about the importance of Gracehaven getting open.

We (Gracehaven) is in such need to raise this money, so we really appreciate it! We just HAVE to get open this spring and only need money to do it. It seems like such a small thing, yet so hard too. But there are young girls out there living in hell right now, and we Have to do it.

Tomorrow starts the running! yeah!

Please be willing to donate to this great cause. E-mail me at 5kfor25days@gmail.com to let me know how mush you want to pledge.


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One response to “25 Days Update 1

  1. Penny Stiles

    Wade has always been able to accomplish whatever he sets his heart and mind to – with God’s help I am confident he will accomplish this mission also. He has always had a very sensitive heart and love for God!! I can attest to this because Wade is my son, whom I love very much and am very proud of!!

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