25 Days Update 3: A Call to Pray

Click here to learn more and find out how to donate to Gracehaven: 5K for 25 days

Well I am now five days in and by the grace of God I felt really good today while I ran. Hopefully on day twenty I will feel just as good! I found some real encouragement from my friend Dan who ran with me yesterday. Having someone to chat with and to also have praying with me for human trafficking was great.

As I pondered his encouragement and the fact that he was praying as well it gave me an idea and a challenge for you all. Starting today through the end of the week would you join me in praying for issues surrounding human trafficking and for Gracehaven as you exercise? So everytime you run, walk, do pushups or any other exercise take some time and pray for these things. I know that someone of you won’t be sure how to pray so here is a link to a human trafficking prayer guide: A PRAYER GUIDE. The A21 Campaign is another great organization that is fighting against human trafficking.

Please if you are willing to pray for human trafficking and Gracehaven this week while you exercise then please comment on here or send me an email or a message on Facebook so that I can know who all is praying for me.

Financially I am at about $900 in pledges. Considering that I am 1/5 of the way through I am almost on target. Please prayerfully consider how much the Lord would have you give.

One last note if you would like to run and pray with me then just let me know I would love to have others come along. Girls if you are going to join me then I need to get another guy to come along. Sorry, I just want to respect my wife in that way.

Thanks for all your encouragement through this. To God be the glory!


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