25 Days update 4

Please click here for details on how to give: 5k for 25 days

Wow…today was tough! My guess is that it was the combination of helping a friend move for five hours and then doing the run. At least I am praying that is the case!

Today I was also able to raise awareness for human trafficking and Gracehaven. I got to speak with the middle school students at Dayton Christian. The first thing I did was to ask how many were aware of the problem of human trafficking and only about 20% had. Not any longer though! Today I was able to let them know how huge of problem human trafficking. Now I pray that God will lead some of those students to step out in faith and help battle human trafficking.

Financially I am at about $1000 only a fifth of the way there. There is about 15 days left and I need $4000 to hit the goal. Please prayerfully consider pledging thus helping give Gracehaven a great Christmas gift.

One last thing to tell you about. I am planning a short event that everyone can be a part of on Christmas eve. Tomorrow I plan to have up all the information about it. Be looking for it!

Again thanks for all your help and support through this.


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One response to “25 Days update 4

  1. Eric

    Keep up the great work Wade! It’s been cold!

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