England: Here I Come!

This Sunday I will be boarding a plane to head to England. I am starting to get excited. At the same time I am a bit nervous to leave Amy and the kids. Amy is an amazing woman and I know that she will be fine but she is also my better half and I will miss her incredibly.

You may be asking, “why England?” Some great friends of ours, Steve and Sarah Caton headed to Bichester, England this last fall to plant a church with Reign Ministries. As many of you know I also have a big heart and passion for church planting. I am currently doing an internship at MorningStar Baptist Church that involves church planting. This winter as I thought about and prayed for Steve and Sarah I was led to do a trip there to learn from them and to encourage them in their ministry. There is much that I will be able to learn from them about reaching people who have little knowledge of God and be able to bring home and begin to implement into my ministry here.

The funny thing is that England has never been on my list of places I have most wanted to visit. In so many ways I am more excited to see these dear friends than I am to see England.

The trip will be from May 8th through the 18th. Please be praying. I will plan to post some throughout the trip and keep you all updated.

Tomorrow I will put a post to inform you how you can pray for the trip. If you plan to be praying for me would you please post a comment and let me know so that I have an idea of those who will be blessing this trip by prayer.



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2 responses to “England: Here I Come!

  1. calico8706

    I’m excited for you and your trip, Wade. Don’t worry about Amy and the kids –they’ll have lots of people looking after them! Come back safe and teach us all you’ve learned!

  2. Mom

    Wade I am so excited for you to have this opportunity! Praying for your safety and to learn all that God has for you there!! I love you –

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