Yesterday afternoon we arrived in Calais, France. We took the Sea France ferry from Dover. You could not walk on the ferry so we took bicycles which made for a bit of a frightening experience. I would not say that the ferry is a cyclist friendly experience. Wait till you see some of the pictures. This picture is from the ferry as we left Dover looking back on the white cliffs.


Last night and tonight we are staying in a nice little hotel that is next to a beautiful park. While in France we are spending time walking and praying. The town is quaint and I love seeing the differences between the US and France. One thing I love is that motorcycles are everywhere here. I would fit right in! The strange thing is the language barrier.

Last night Steve and I ate at a restaurant and the waitress spoke no English. Steve is Better at saying their words so I did a lot of pointing and hoping that she understood. The meal was great and took quite a while with the multiple courses. I guess it was about 10:30 pm when we finally left dinner to walk back to the hotel.

Steve and I have had a blast talking about ministry. I have been challenged to think deeply about life, groups, ministry and church. I am already so thankful for this experience and what i am learning! This afternoon we are doing some reading, journaling and praying.

Thanks for all your prayers! So far I have really enjoyed and France and love listening to the French speak!


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