The Crowded House: Bicester

This is my friend Steve whom I am visiting in England and whom spent the couple days in France with me. This picture is in Calais as we were getting ready to board the ferry back to Dover. 20110512-052456.jpg

We got back to Bicester at 3:30 this afternoon and got ready for church that started at 5 pm. As the church came they spent the first hour or so having dinner for the kids. They then moved into a time of teaching and play for the kids. Then between 6:30 and 7 the adults had a time of eating and talking. The evening then moved into a time of sharing, teaching and praying. I truly felt blessed to be able to worship with brothers and sisters in Bicester. Being with the church was simple and deeply meaningful.

There were some things they did tonight that I look forward to sharing with the growth group I am a part of in Centerville. I would like to share a couple: 1. They took time to share if there were any needs either in the church or with people they are associated with who had need. Then they took time to work out plans to help those needs. 2. A young man named Christoph, led a time of discussion about the church. He had verses printed out for us to discuss within smaller groups that then shared their discussion with the larger group. This was a great time of teaching and encouraging the body. I thank the Lord for the great time of fellowship tonight.

The trip has been great so far and God is teaching me many things. Thank you for all your prayed and words of encouragement! Also thanks to all of you who have been encouraging Amy this week.


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