Amy, Alexa, and Emma had a girls night last night and sent me this crazy picture! As a father away from home I am so grateful to get pictures like this that allow you to see your family is not only okay but doing great while you are away from home.

As I woke up and looked at this picture that was waiting for me I could not help but be thankful for the church we are a part of. This week when I would call Amy there have been numerous times that the church has been there or been encouraging Amy in some way. They have done things like staying the night with her, watching the kids, going out to eat, including her and the kids in mother’s days plan, and just plan hanging out. These things have made the trip go much faster for Amy and helped the kids have a lot of fun. These are truly the things that make the bride of Christ so beautiful and amazing. Praise the Lord for not only saving me but also bringing me into a new family.

I know for some the church brings back painful memories for some reason or another or it brings back memories of long and boring services. To the second I would say I am sorry that you have not been able to experience the beauty and wonder of the bride. To the first I apologize that you have been through such a painful ordeal with the church. To both I would encourage you to go back to the Bible to see what it says about the church and what it is to be like. Then begin being the church recognizing that it isn’t a service or social club but rather it is us who have come to Christ. When we come to know and trust Jesus not only is our relationship with God restored but we are also given a new family that we are to invest in. Be the catalyst that gets your church loving each other more and gets them to spend time together doing the things they do in everyday life. Do something as simple as invite someone to dinner this week.

Lord thank you for the Bride that my family and I are a part of. Thank you for the church I have been fellowshipping with this past week in England. I have learned much and been encouraged to grow with Jesus more.


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