Oxford and Other Thoughts


Well I have been in England for a little over a week and tomorrow I will get back on a plane to Ohio. I must admit that I could not be more excited to get back to Ohio. Before talking about why there are a couple other tidbits to share.

First my stay in England has been wonderful! The Caton’s have blessed me so much over the last week. The work of God in their lives comes through in their hospitality. The only thing that could have made the time better would have been to have Amy here as well! I have been blessed by watching them love and raise their two precious little girls, who are learning well what it means to love people from their parents(by the way interacting with them everyday made me miss my own children so much). I will always be thankful for any time that I get to share with the Caton’s during this short life on earth!

Second today will be a lot of fun checking out Oxford. Perhaps I might even feel a bit smarter walking around the city! While in Oxford we will go to Christ’s Church and Eagle and Child, a pub that C.S. Lewis and Tolkien spent time hashing things out. There is something about being surrounded by so much history that causes me to reflect and learn lessons from the past. I expect that today will be very contemplative and a day in which I spend time thanking God for so many blessings in my life.

I am thankful that although Steve and Sarah are Americans they have tried to get me to experience much from British culture. Here are just a few of the things that have tweaked my brain in England. They have roundabouts which are fun but then they traffic lights for pedestrian crossings. That is different for me. Then when they talk about pies it probably has meat in it, that was confusing. Houses and living space are much smaller here but yet just like Americans they have more in their little house than they need. Most do not use their Garage for a car but for storage, just like home. Everyone calls their backyard a garden. This seems to sound much more fancy but they are backyards just like home. The final thought to note is that English tea is not all that exciting. I am glad that they have their tea and we have our coffee. There are more but that is enough for now. England is a wonderful place I am better for being able to spend some time here.

Why am I missing Ohio so much you may be asking yourself. Truly there is not a whole lot that is special about Ohio. First I deeply miss my family. I miss conversation with them and I miss their physical touch. I can not wait to scoop each of my children in my arms and give them each a big bear hug. I can not wait to lay down in bed and hold Amy in my arms. I can not wait to share with her all I have learned and experienced while here.

The second reason I miss Ohio so much is because of the church. I am blessed to share my life with so many wonderful people. I am so excited to gather with them on Sunday and then on Wednesday and catch up on life. To hear how things are going and how God has been at work in their lives. I am excited to sit with some of the church and hash through the things I have experienced and how it will impact my life and ministry. A dear brother and sister of mine have moved into a new house and I can not wait to see it. I am so excited for them. Some day my family and I will probably be called away from Centerville, OH and when that day comes although we will be excited our hearts will grieve leaving such amazing family.

As I sit in Starbucks and wrap up this post I am compelled to finish by talking about someone special. Even as I think about this person I am brought to tears because they mean so much to me. Thank you Amy for loving me and supporting me in all I do. You have handled this time with me away with such grace and strength. I know we have missed each other so much but you are willing to sacrifice and take on so much because of God’s directing our lives. You are an amazing woman who lives her life to honor God…Thank you! I love you and will see you in a couple of days!


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  1. Douglas Todd

    You are such a wonderful servant for our Savior. I so appreciate the way you have your ‘head squarely on your shoulders’ and like so many you spend time with, have a poetically beautiful appreciation for the gifts God has given (and continues to give) you. Especially the loves of your life’s; God, Son & Spirit, Wife and children, fellow Christians!

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