Yesterday afternoon we arrived in Calais, France. We took the Sea France ferry from Dover. You could not walk on the ferry so we took bicycles which made for a bit of a frightening experience. I would not say that the ferry is a cyclist friendly experience. Wait till you see some of the pictures. This picture is from the ferry as we left Dover looking back on the white cliffs.


Last night and tonight we are staying in a nice little hotel that is next to a beautiful park. While in France we are spending time walking and praying. The town is quaint and I love seeing the differences between the US and France. One thing I love is that motorcycles are everywhere here. I would fit right in! The strange thing is the language barrier.

Last night Steve and I ate at a restaurant and the waitress spoke no English. Steve is Better at saying their words so I did a lot of pointing and hoping that she understood. The meal was great and took quite a while with the multiple courses. I guess it was about 10:30 pm when we finally left dinner to walk back to the hotel.

Steve and I have had a blast talking about ministry. I have been challenged to think deeply about life, groups, ministry and church. I am already so thankful for this experience and what i am learning! This afternoon we are doing some reading, journaling and praying.

Thanks for all your prayers! So far I have really enjoyed and France and love listening to the French speak!


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Joining in Prayer

This morning I arrived at the Dayton International Airport to begin my travels to England at around 10:15 am. Amy and I enjoyed breakfast at Panera after dropping the kids of with our church. She dropped me off quite early so she could get back and worship with our church and kids.

This morning there have been a couple random thoughts in my head that I wanted to share before talking about prayer needs. The first is about the days that Amy and I dated before marriage. Believe it or not it was a simpler time when anyone could walk down to the gates at the airport. A few times we would end up at the Dayton International Airport and watch planes come in while we talked and such! By the gates it was always so quiet and peaceful. I am so thankful for Amy and have been so blessed by God to be one with her. Our love continues to grow and mature.

The second thought was a lot less meaningful. Remember a few months ago when they changed the way they did security checks and started using an xray like machine. I went through one today for the first time. I had thought some about it and was like wow they are going to see me naked, ha! Anyway I went through and saw what they do and the pictures they see and was like, wow people like to make a big deal about everything! People are just silly. In the end it was nothing and I was sad they didn’t see my smiley face boxers I wore for them! Just kidding!

Now on to the point of this blog post. How it is you can join me by praying for this trip:
1. Praise God for how he provided for this trip. Just yesterday I got confirmation that all was taken care of! Thanks Lord!
2. Pray for Amy and the kids while I am away. Pray for nice weather so the kids can be out running around and playing. Pray for the kids (especially Emma) that they will be okay without my presence. Pray for Noah as he will be the man of the house while I am gone. Amy is amazing and I know God will encourage and strengthen her by His presence and by His church and family.
3. Pray that I will be able to be an encouragement to the missionaries in England. I want to be used by God to refresh them and encourage them with fellowship.
4. Pray that God will give me wisdom in asking question about the culture and ministry there and how those things can help ministry be effective in Centerville.
5. Pray that God will impress on me deep conviction if Amy and I should begin to pursue ministry abroad.

God is amazing and I know that He has fruit to be birthed from this trip. I am so thankful for the love and support that you all have given me and my family.

Thanks for your prayers! I look forward to sharing with you all when I get back.

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England: Here I Come!

This Sunday I will be boarding a plane to head to England. I am starting to get excited. At the same time I am a bit nervous to leave Amy and the kids. Amy is an amazing woman and I know that she will be fine but she is also my better half and I will miss her incredibly.

You may be asking, “why England?” Some great friends of ours, Steve and Sarah Caton headed to Bichester, England this last fall to plant a church with Reign Ministries. As many of you know I also have a big heart and passion for church planting. I am currently doing an internship at MorningStar Baptist Church that involves church planting. This winter as I thought about and prayed for Steve and Sarah I was led to do a trip there to learn from them and to encourage them in their ministry. There is much that I will be able to learn from them about reaching people who have little knowledge of God and be able to bring home and begin to implement into my ministry here.

The funny thing is that England has never been on my list of places I have most wanted to visit. In so many ways I am more excited to see these dear friends than I am to see England.

The trip will be from May 8th through the 18th. Please be praying. I will plan to post some throughout the trip and keep you all updated.

Tomorrow I will put a post to inform you how you can pray for the trip. If you plan to be praying for me would you please post a comment and let me know so that I have an idea of those who will be blessing this trip by prayer.


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Could this be your Church?

A friend shared this with me today. Thought it was funny but reminded me that it is important that we teach people the correct view of what church is. Too many see church as a Sunday service instead of as the bride of Christ who is called to make disciples throughout the world.

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Partnering to Remember

One of the things that I enjoy about Twitter is that it connects you with people who you would never connect with but that you have similar interests and passions. What I am sharing with you now to help me grow in Christ is something that I learned about because of a connection with Tim Brister on Twitter.

Starting with the New Year and going through Easter Sunday the goal is to memorize the book of Philippians. Tim came up with what he calls the Memory Moleskin. The Memory Moleskin is simply organized way of breaking down Philippians to memorize it in 16 weeks. This averages out to around 6 verses a week.

I am super excited to jump in and do this along with some good friends. Hopefully as we encourage one another we will be a little more successful at making our goal.

Today is only Monday and it isn’t to late to get in on memorizing Philippians. Click Here: Memory Moleskin

That link will give you the PDF to set up your Memory Moleskin. God Bless and may each of us be diligent at memorizing and meditating on the Word of God.

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25 days update 5

Friends I am in the final couple weeks of collecting money for Gracehaven. Here is how: 5k for 25 days.

4 days left! Hard to believe that 21 days have passed since I have begun. God has used this time to teach me much about about compassion and to increase my heart for the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Surprisingly my body has held up well. Just my shin on my left leg is sore and the calf on my right like is getting sore. Nothing a couple of pain killers can’t help! The pain though has been a reminder of the pain that those enslaved live in everyday. I realize that the pain I experience is only a tiny fraction of what they live in. Yesterday I realized why so many turn to drugs and alcohol. When you experience that much torment at the hands of others how could you not want to use something to escape.

I also find myself praying increasingly more for the church to find greater ways for involvement in the fight against human trafficking. I pray that pastors will be awakened and lead their churches to pray and then allow the Spirit to guide members to get involved in other ways.

Finally I still need lots and lots of help to make the $5000 goal. A little over $2000 has come in. Please consider giving only if it is $10. I am hopeful that this goal will be met!

Thanks to all of you for your love and support during this endeavor!

Here is an event in the Cincinnati area for those of you who would like to learn more about the fight against human trafficking: The Power of 1

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Learn about Human Trafficking

First if you would like to learn more about and consider giving to Gracehaven then click here: 5k for 25 days

The following video is with Aaron Cohen a former rock star who now fights to free slaves. You will get a good intro to slavery here in America and around the world.

WARNING: The video is a little graphic and covers very heavy material. I would not recommend watching with the kids around.

The church should be on the front lines battling human trafficking because we carry the message of Jesus Christ which will bring the victims true freedom.

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