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Learn about Human Trafficking

First if you would like to learn more about and consider giving to Gracehaven then click here: 5k for 25 days

The following video is with Aaron Cohen a former rock star who now fights to free slaves. You will get a good intro to slavery here in America and around the world.

WARNING: The video is a little graphic and covers very heavy material. I would not recommend watching with the kids around.

The church should be on the front lines battling human trafficking because we carry the message of Jesus Christ which will bring the victims true freedom.


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Why I run.

First if you would like to know more about 5k for 25 days then click here: 5k for 25 days

Yesterday I felt the need to do an update that isn’t so much an update but that is more of an explanation. I want to take a couple moments and lay out what has compelled me to do this “5k for 25 days”. Why would I take so much time out of this Christmas season to do this? I realized that if I fail to make the reasons why clear then I have failed at giving credit to whom credit is due.

There are three reasons specifically that led to me pursuing this little adventure but the first reason is the one that is the foundation for the other two. The first reason that I have been compelled to run and is essentially the reason that makes all other reasons valid is Jesus Christ. The Bible teaches that God sent His only Son, Jesus to the world to die for humanity. To die for our sins and take upon Himself the wrath of God to pay for all of our sins (John 3:16; Eph. 2:1-10). At about the age of five I confessed my sin and trusted Christ as my Savior. Now my life because of what He has done is lived for His glory. My prayer is that the way I live my life is a testimony to the majesty of God and His Son Jesus. So I run that God my receive all the glory. If His son had not come then I would not love nor care to do something like this.

The second reason that I run is that Christ has laid a burden on my heart for human trafficking and to join the fight against it. The slavery of individuals who were created by God in His image is an atrocity. Especially in regards to the children who are forced into sexual slavery. As a follower of Jesus Christ I am called to seek the Kingdom of God and in God’s kingdom justice reigns. I am drawn to see justice and justice is the freeing of individuals from slavery and the wicked punished. As God’s child not only am I called to seek His kingdom but I must also spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. If these individuals are freed physically that is a good thing, but if they are also freed spiritually by coming to Jesus Christ then that is a wonderful thing. Jesus calls me to not only fight for their freedom physically but also and more importantly their freedom spiritually. So I run secondly for freedom.

The final major reason I run is because of my family. God has blessed me with an amazing wife and four incredible children. As a husband and father I long for them also to know Jesus and to value the things of Jesus. I have learned in my short life that I pass things on to my kids best by how I live. So I run that they may see how important it is to sacrifice for others. Jesus paid the ultimate sacrifice that we might have life and so I am called to sacrifice that others might come to know the love of Jesus. First and foremost this responsibility is to my children. I pray that they would seek Jesus and pursue the dreams and passions that He has given them. As a dad I pray that I will always support them in their dreams encourage them to have the faith that God can and will do great things through them. I hope that this 5k for 25 days will be an example to them.

So for those of you who may ask why is Wade running? The answer: Christ died for me and I want all of my life to bring glory to Him. I do not run because I am anything special but because God is great in me!

To God alone be the glory!!!!

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25 Days update 4

Please click here for details on how to give: 5k for 25 days

Wow…today was tough! My guess is that it was the combination of helping a friend move for five hours and then doing the run. At least I am praying that is the case!

Today I was also able to raise awareness for human trafficking and Gracehaven. I got to speak with the middle school students at Dayton Christian. The first thing I did was to ask how many were aware of the problem of human trafficking and only about 20% had. Not any longer though! Today I was able to let them know how huge of problem human trafficking. Now I pray that God will lead some of those students to step out in faith and help battle human trafficking.

Financially I am at about $1000 only a fifth of the way there. There is about 15 days left and I need $4000 to hit the goal. Please prayerfully consider pledging thus helping give Gracehaven a great Christmas gift.

One last thing to tell you about. I am planning a short event that everyone can be a part of on Christmas eve. Tomorrow I plan to have up all the information about it. Be looking for it!

Again thanks for all your help and support through this.

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25 Days Update 3: A Call to Pray

Click here to learn more and find out how to donate to Gracehaven: 5K for 25 days

Well I am now five days in and by the grace of God I felt really good today while I ran. Hopefully on day twenty I will feel just as good! I found some real encouragement from my friend Dan who ran with me yesterday. Having someone to chat with and to also have praying with me for human trafficking was great.

As I pondered his encouragement and the fact that he was praying as well it gave me an idea and a challenge for you all. Starting today through the end of the week would you join me in praying for issues surrounding human trafficking and for Gracehaven as you exercise? So everytime you run, walk, do pushups or any other exercise take some time and pray for these things. I know that someone of you won’t be sure how to pray so here is a link to a human trafficking prayer guide: A PRAYER GUIDE. The A21 Campaign is another great organization that is fighting against human trafficking.

Please if you are willing to pray for human trafficking and Gracehaven this week while you exercise then please comment on here or send me an email or a message on Facebook so that I can know who all is praying for me.

Financially I am at about $900 in pledges. Considering that I am 1/5 of the way through I am almost on target. Please prayerfully consider how much the Lord would have you give.

One last note if you would like to run and pray with me then just let me know I would love to have others come along. Girls if you are going to join me then I need to get another guy to come along. Sorry, I just want to respect my wife in that way.

Thanks for all your encouragement through this. To God be the glory!

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25 Days update 2

Click here to see how to sponsor me: 5K for 25 Days

Today was the third day of running and it seems to be going well. Honestly I will not be setting any speed records over the 25 days. I did realize that I must not push to hard for better times or in 10 or 15 days I will regret it. My old shoes were causing some discomfort so to get the new ones from my friend was a huge blessing!

The kids have been great about supporting and encouraging me. Noah when I told him what I was doing went and got his money to donate: $2.79. Such a great gift! Then yesterday when I go home Emma (3) told me that she had ice and water for me. She then preceded to the refrigerator and got me my water out. They have also spent time praying for kids who are affected by this to. I am truly blessed by the children Amy and I have.

Financially I have received pledges of just over $800. Please be praying that I find the other 42 $100 donors. Although if you want to sponsor for less don’t hesitate to do so. Every little bit is going to be important to blow past the $5000 goal.

As I run I spend time praying for Gracehaven and other organizations such as Love146. I also pray for the individuals who are enslaved that they would find freedom physically and also freedom spiritually in Christ. Today I was also led to pray for the men and women who are the customers who rape these children that God would open their eyes to their sinfulness and need for Jesus. At the end of the day we are all sinners and need Jesus. Most of these individuals will never find the power to change on their own they need Jesus to give them a new heart.

Please e-mail me to sponsor and let me know how much you are giving. (5kfor25days@gmail.com)

I would love to go over $1000 today so let’s get two more $100 sponsors today!


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25 Days Update 1

First click here: 5K for 25 days to learn about this and how you can donate funds.

I am so excited for how this is already being used to encourage people and bring glory to God! I am two days into promotion and $320 has been pledged. That means only $4680 to go or 47 more $100 sponsors. Please though don’t hesitate to give if it is only $5 or $10. The truth is it is going to take everyone’s help to reach the goal and beyond. Another cool thing is that a friend of mine gave me a pair of New Balance running shoes. This is huge because my running shoes are almost three years old!

A couple of promotion opportunities to be praying for are the Dayton Daily News and Starbucks. The store I work at is going to allow me to put up information and this will allow me to find a lot more sponsors. Secondly some editorial writers at the Dayton Daily News have heard about what I am doing and now I am praying they will want to do a piece on it. My prayer is that for God’s glory that the goal of $5000 will be blown out of the water!!!

Theresa Flores is on the board at Gracehaven and this a quote from her about the importance of Gracehaven getting open.

We (Gracehaven) is in such need to raise this money, so we really appreciate it! We just HAVE to get open this spring and only need money to do it. It seems like such a small thing, yet so hard too. But there are young girls out there living in hell right now, and we Have to do it.

Tomorrow starts the running! yeah!

Please be willing to donate to this great cause. E-mail me at 5kfor25days@gmail.com to let me know how mush you want to pledge.

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