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A Tribute

Over the last four years as I have completed my master’s there is one thing thing other than God that I could not Photo 189have down without: Amy!  Between working full-time, school and the family if she had not been there we would not have made it through.  Throughout the entire journey with all the ups and downs, mountains and valleys she was a so strong and made so many sacrifices.  For all she has done there is nothing I could do that would be worthy to express how amazing she is.

She is an amazing friend. Amy is my best friend! There is no one I would rather spend my time with than her.  She knows me inside and out, with all my strengths and weaknesses and yet she still wants to be with me and around me.  As a friend she was such and encouragement during those highs and lows of school when I thought I might fail a class as well as when I did great on a test.  She also encouraged me through different jobs I had that at times were tough because I didn’t enjoy them. She would stay up late to spend time with me and always do lots of little things to let me know she was there for me.  I praise God that He has given me such a great best friend!

She is an amazing wife! In the Bible it teaches that the women was given as a helper to the man.  A famous line from a movie is “you complete me!” These two things typify who Amy is as a wife.  Over the last four years and I am sure for the rest of our lives she has been great at keeping things going in our lives, allowing me to be free to focus on school.  From making phone calls, to dealing with people, to keeping our calendars insync, to finding unique ways to make money she did so much to keep us a float.  One winter she addressed and stuffed envelopes so that we could buy people Christmas gifts.  She spent hours doing this, with such determination and doing all of it because of the deep love she has for people. She also sold pampered chef for a little while which also helped keep us a float.  I know especially when we first got to Louisville it was extremely tough but through it all she came out on top, trusting the Lord to get through it all. So much of who Amy is, is a complement to me and vice versa.  Where I am weak she is strong and she often has insight into things that I am missing.  From what I can tell she is an example to all woman of the calling God places on the wife.

She is an amazing mother! We had two kids when we moved to Louisville and the third arrived while we were there. I often find myself amazed that even when she is entirely drained she finds more energy to give to our children.  With three kids under five it would have been easy to just let them run wild around the house but that isn’t Amy.  She has a strong passion to see our kids grow, mature and know how to behave in a respectable way.  She has done a great job with consistently loving and discipling our children.  Not only that but she is always thinking of creative things to do with them.  I am often amazed at the things she does with the kids that I know would blow my top with stress! Things like letting a two and four year old free paint. Freak me out!  The thing is it doesn’t even shake her.  Another area that she excels in as a mom is teaching our children about the Lord and taking those teachable moments and maximizing them. I am thankful for her passion to share Jesus with our children. There is nothing she would not do for her children. Amy is such an amazing mother, I can not praise God enough! Thank you Lord for the woman you have created in her.

She is an amazing women of ministry! As I just wrote about all the things she has done to get us through the last four years I am am blown away to be able to say that she is others centered.  The truth is she could have been a hermit the last four years and said she was too busy to get involved in the lives of others.  That isn’t her though!  There have been women over the last four years that she has poured her life into despite everything going on.  She truly loves people and it drives her to make the time to help them out.  Even when she would be hurting she was still willing to give. She is truly amazing! I am blown away by her!

She is an amazing follower of Jesus!  I praise the Lord that I have married a women that loves God and wants to have a life conformed to Him.  Over the years she has learned much and there would be times when I would come home and she would share what Christ was teaching her.  She was driven to be in church because she wanted to stay close to Jesus.  She would find time to read the word and pray because she knows that He is the source of her strength.  I know that her love for Jesus will be an example to our kids.  I was always amazed how when either one of us felt drained spiritually the other seemed to be strong and close to Christ.  We were often able to mutually encourage one another in our walk with Christ.

She is an amazing fighter in Christ!  The truth is that while we have been in seminary there has been many attacks against us as a family and her individually. Some have been from struggles in my life that she has fought through and forgiven me only to see our love grow deeper.  Also though she has been attacked physically.  While in seminary she has dealt with tendonitis in her shoulder while having three kids to care for. She still deals with that today.  Even when she was in incredible pain she would still pick up our kids and love on them when she was needed most.  She also had a scare with the potential for cancer that she fought through.  She had a baby that involved a tough, tough pregnancy.  She had a cyst grow on her foot that had to be checked for cancer and had to have surgery on.  She had a large kidney stone after Emma was born and had to have surgery to deal with that. All the while she still dealt with headaches and migraines.  As I write that list I am amazed at what she endured with three kids and having me in school.  She fought through and relied on Jesus.  There was also a broken nose and surgery , and staples for Alexa and stitches for Noah’s head. Again through all of this she fought through and remained positive!  She walked with Jesus and remained full of love!  She is truly an amazing women!

She is an amazing proofreader!  Finally I don’t think I could have made it through seminary without her proofreading skills! Those who know me, know writing is not my expertise but with her help I got through with a good G.P.A! Thanks Amy!

Everyday I can’t praise God enough for Amy!  She is my friend, lover and bride!  I really and honestly could not have made it through without her!  Her support and encouragment were always timely and appropriate!

Thank you Lord for such an amazing gift!

I like being with her!

I love her so much!

I love you Amy!


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