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Joining in Prayer

This morning I arrived at the Dayton International Airport to begin my travels to England at around 10:15 am. Amy and I enjoyed breakfast at Panera after dropping the kids of with our church. She dropped me off quite early so she could get back and worship with our church and kids.

This morning there have been a couple random thoughts in my head that I wanted to share before talking about prayer needs. The first is about the days that Amy and I dated before marriage. Believe it or not it was a simpler time when anyone could walk down to the gates at the airport. A few times we would end up at the Dayton International Airport and watch planes come in while we talked and such! By the gates it was always so quiet and peaceful. I am so thankful for Amy and have been so blessed by God to be one with her. Our love continues to grow and mature.

The second thought was a lot less meaningful. Remember a few months ago when they changed the way they did security checks and started using an xray like machine. I went through one today for the first time. I had thought some about it and was like wow they are going to see me naked, ha! Anyway I went through and saw what they do and the pictures they see and was like, wow people like to make a big deal about everything! People are just silly. In the end it was nothing and I was sad they didn’t see my smiley face boxers I wore for them! Just kidding!

Now on to the point of this blog post. How it is you can join me by praying for this trip:
1. Praise God for how he provided for this trip. Just yesterday I got confirmation that all was taken care of! Thanks Lord!
2. Pray for Amy and the kids while I am away. Pray for nice weather so the kids can be out running around and playing. Pray for the kids (especially Emma) that they will be okay without my presence. Pray for Noah as he will be the man of the house while I am gone. Amy is amazing and I know God will encourage and strengthen her by His presence and by His church and family.
3. Pray that I will be able to be an encouragement to the missionaries in England. I want to be used by God to refresh them and encourage them with fellowship.
4. Pray that God will give me wisdom in asking question about the culture and ministry there and how those things can help ministry be effective in Centerville.
5. Pray that God will impress on me deep conviction if Amy and I should begin to pursue ministry abroad.

God is amazing and I know that He has fruit to be birthed from this trip. I am so thankful for the love and support that you all have given me and my family.

Thanks for your prayers! I look forward to sharing with you all when I get back.


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looking over the edge

Over the years I have had few opportunities to go skiing. I have always enjoyed it but I had to go a few times before I really got comfortable! One of the things I remember more than anything is the feeling that you get when you are at the top of a new slope and get to the edge and begin looking down. From your vantage point the slope can look very steep and overwhelming. At that moment you know if you go any further that there will be no turning back. You stop and reconsider should I go and risk life and limb or do I turn around and go to the bunny slope! You know deep down that the bunny slope will be comfortable, safe and enjoyable. On the other hand you know that the black diamond you are looking down will be an amazing thrill that can only come from tackling the slope. The other thing is that if you take the slope and make it happen you will have improved your skill as a skiier! In the end riding the black diamond will be a whole lot more fun than the bunny slope!


I know that God has called my family and I to church planting and over the last nine months we have been trying to discern God’s location for us. Just recently Amy, the Wilson’s and I have been looking at a city very closely and have had some positive things come out of discussions with those who currently minister there. All of us are starting to feel as though this may be the place God is calling us to, oh how exciting! Even in the excitement though I feel like the skiier sitting on the edge of the black diamond trying to move forward but knowing once you do you are beginning a ride of a lifetime! That is what it feels like to make that decision that this is where we are to plant! I know that once it begins it will be a thrill ride with many ups and downs that will last for many years to come!

So what a great place to be- sitting at the top of the slope looking down on what will be an amazing ride! A ride that will teach you many great things and is filled with great joys and great dangers! A ride that will never be forgotten!

Please pray for us as we continue to discern God’s will and vision for this church plant!

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