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25 Days update 2

Click here to see how to sponsor me: 5K for 25 Days

Today was the third day of running and it seems to be going well. Honestly I will not be setting any speed records over the 25 days. I did realize that I must not push to hard for better times or in 10 or 15 days I will regret it. My old shoes were causing some discomfort so to get the new ones from my friend was a huge blessing!

The kids have been great about supporting and encouraging me. Noah when I told him what I was doing went and got his money to donate: $2.79. Such a great gift! Then yesterday when I go home Emma (3) told me that she had ice and water for me. She then preceded to the refrigerator and got me my water out. They have also spent time praying for kids who are affected by this to. I am truly blessed by the children Amy and I have.

Financially I have received pledges of just over $800. Please be praying that I find the other 42 $100 donors. Although if you want to sponsor for less don’t hesitate to do so. Every little bit is going to be important to blow past the $5000 goal.

As I run I spend time praying for Gracehaven and other organizations such as Love146. I also pray for the individuals who are enslaved that they would find freedom physically and also freedom spiritually in Christ. Today I was also led to pray for the men and women who are the customers who rape these children that God would open their eyes to their sinfulness and need for Jesus. At the end of the day we are all sinners and need Jesus. Most of these individuals will never find the power to change on their own they need Jesus to give them a new heart.

Please e-mail me to sponsor and let me know how much you are giving. (5kfor25days@gmail.com)

I would love to go over $1000 today so let’s get two more $100 sponsors today!



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5K for 25 days

You may find yourself asking, “what does that title mean?” A couple nights ago I got contemplating how I could raise awareness around the issue of human trafficking and at the same time raise some funds to help a ministry involved in fighting this battle. Around 11 pm that night a plan came to my mind and now its time to make it happen.

I need your help though!

First take a few minutes to go to the Love146 website and learn about the human trafficking especially in regards to minors.

Second, take a few more minutes to learn about Gracehaven. Gracehaven is a home in Ohio that is being developed to helped minors who have been rescued from sexually slavery. These girls can stay at the home for as long as they need to or until they are 18. The home will have ten beds and have workers to help these young girls. Also realize this will only be the fourth house of it kind for minors. Two of them exist in Ohio. But please check out the website for more information.

So here is my plan. I would like to raise $5,000 to go to Gracehaven to help them get open. Of course I need your help because I don’t have $5000.

5k for 25 days is the plan. You can look at this two ways. The first is that for 25 days starting December 1 I will run a 5k. The final day will be Christmas day. The second way is that for 25 days of running I am going to raise $5000.

What I need is simply 50 sponsors who will give $100 to Gracehaven. Would you do this please? They need it to get closer to their goal of getting open. I would love to raise more than $5000 but that is the goal. Please if you can’t do $100 but would do less then please do less.

Here is how you can give:
1. Send me an e-mail at 5kfor25days@gmail.com or contact me some on facebook or twitter to let me know that you will sponsor me and for how much.
2. Make out your check to Gracehaven.
3. Mail it to me: 8693 Shadycreek Dr., Centerville, OH 45458.

Also you can hear regular updates on how the 5k for 25 days is going on facebook and twitter.

If you would, please pass the link on for this post to others so they can get involved too. $5000 seems like a lot to me, but I know that if the word spreads enough this amount will be nothing.

On the my blog you can also find some other websites that will give you information about the problem of Human Trafficking. Breaking the Chains is another article that talks about Human Trafficking especially in Ohio.

Friends please consider how you may help so we can give a Christmas gift to Gracehaven!!!!


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