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Have you Asked or Announced!

Today I met with a friend and had a great conversation learning about where he was at and where he saw himself plugging into the church.  I would have never known where he was at or what he wanted to do except for our conversation today. His desire has been there but no one has taken the time to find out or ask him to get involved. Way to often we miss out on getting people involved because we don’t take the time to sit down with them and ask.

Many times in the church we feel as though we struggle to find people to get involved and help out.  We even get frustrated and think very judgmental thoughts about brothers and sisters.  Now as I reflect on my conversation with my friend I realize that often we get frustrated and get no help because we mistake announcements for asking.

The process may go like this. I can’t believe that no one wants to help. Then someone says, “Have you asked people?” We respond, “Well yeah, we have announced it the last three weeks and no one has volunteered.” In our minds we have asked people and they have not responded. The thing is when we take time to personally ask people they often are excited to get involved and help out.  The personal connection helps them feel valued and know that they are truly needed. With a general announcement it is too easy to think that someone else will come forward and help. We easily rationalize away our responsibility to help out.

If you are struggling to get people to help out and find yourself getting frustrated then take time to stop and think, “who should I take the time to go to and personally ask to help?” You will be encouraged and they will feel valued! Then you can truly say that you have asked people and not simply announced it!


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