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Like a Coach not Coaching

Recently I preached a message on discipleship and leadership development. As I studied and prepared I really came to the conclusion that although content may be different the process of developing leaders and disciples is the same.

In my few years of life one of the things I have noticed is that the church is not very good at discipleship. We either want a program to accomplish it or we want the paid church staff to do it. I think this is both the fault of the church leadership and the members. I find it to be the members fault because they have not been diligent at knowing the scriptures and realizing that they are to be raising up disciples. Secondly it is the leaderships fault because they have allowed members to sit back and watch. I am so excited because of the movement in churches to once again empower and hold the saints accountable to the great commission. Not that we just expect people to tell others about Christ but that we expect them to raise up disciples who reproduce. This will begin to pay off big time for the church.

As I studied and preached I realized that a disciple who does not disciple others is like a coach who does not coach his team but instead goes and sits in the stands and does nothing. Saints need to be engaged helping others mature in Christ. I thank Jesus for how he is teaching me and giving me a greater passion everyday to help others know Him more.

My friends be a disciple…be obedient to the mission!



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