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25 days update 5

Friends I am in the final couple weeks of collecting money for Gracehaven. Here is how: 5k for 25 days.

4 days left! Hard to believe that 21 days have passed since I have begun. God has used this time to teach me much about about compassion and to increase my heart for the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Surprisingly my body has held up well. Just my shin on my left leg is sore and the calf on my right like is getting sore. Nothing a couple of pain killers can’t help! The pain though has been a reminder of the pain that those enslaved live in everyday. I realize that the pain I experience is only a tiny fraction of what they live in. Yesterday I realized why so many turn to drugs and alcohol. When you experience that much torment at the hands of others how could you not want to use something to escape.

I also find myself praying increasingly more for the church to find greater ways for involvement in the fight against human trafficking. I pray that pastors will be awakened and lead their churches to pray and then allow the Spirit to guide members to get involved in other ways.

Finally I still need lots and lots of help to make the $5000 goal. A little over $2000 has come in. Please consider giving only if it is $10. I am hopeful that this goal will be met!

Thanks to all of you for your love and support during this endeavor!

Here is an event in the Cincinnati area for those of you who would like to learn more about the fight against human trafficking: The Power of 1


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The Power of 1

Dayton area friends you need to check out this site. The site is by a group who is bringing awareness of the human slave trafficking problem to those who live in the Dayton area. http://powerof1movement.wordpress.com/

Also I would encourage you to mark 1/11/11 on your calendar. The Power of 1 will be holding an event to educate people and to raise funds to help Love146 The event will be held at the Underground in Cincinnati.

Friends let me encourage you to take some time to look into the issue of human slave trafficking. This is an issue I thought was mainly in other countries but am learning that it is becoming huge in America and that it affects the kids of America. As those who know Jesus and His love we must fight for justice and the spreading of His kingdom! If nothing else start praying daily for God to raise up the church and governments to attack this head on!

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