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Partnering to Remember

One of the things that I enjoy about Twitter is that it connects you with people who you would never connect with but that you have similar interests and passions. What I am sharing with you now to help me grow in Christ is something that I learned about because of a connection with Tim Brister on Twitter.

Starting with the New Year and going through Easter Sunday the goal is to memorize the book of Philippians. Tim came up with what he calls the Memory Moleskin. The Memory Moleskin is simply organized way of breaking down Philippians to memorize it in 16 weeks. This averages out to around 6 verses a week.

I am super excited to jump in and do this along with some good friends. Hopefully as we encourage one another we will be a little more successful at making our goal.

Today is only Monday and it isn’t to late to get in on memorizing Philippians. Click Here: Memory Moleskin

That link will give you the PDF to set up your Memory Moleskin. God Bless and may each of us be diligent at memorizing and meditating on the Word of God.


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He is with you

A few months ago I noticed a friend was talking about twitting and reading twitter feeds and I was quickly intriueqed to find out more. I wondered what this thing was that he was reading and wondered how I could be apart of it. Now a few months and 582 tweets later I have found it to be a lot of fun. Not because I like to detail every moment of my life for others to read or because I am extremely well known and I get to have a ton of followers. Rather I have come to enjoy Twitter because of who I get to follow and get a glimpse into their life. No I am not a stalker! It would be better to say that you get to get a glimpse of their mind.  Many of those I follow have similar interest and passions and as a result as I read their tweets I gain great resources and find myself encouraged by the things they say and share. In some ways you begin to be mentored by people that you may never have had a chance to interact with before. To me that is really cool!

Just the other day someone tweeted saying that the reason people tweet when they are with a group of people is that they are lonely. I would imagine that this is true.  They really are lonely or they are bored. When I read that I was struck and found myself wondering if I tweet sometimes because I am lonely even though I am surrounded by a group of people whom I know love me. I must say that if this is true it is sad that I can not find companionship with those I love. Secondly it is sad that instead of finding comfort and peace in Christ I am searching for it on a phone with people who honestly give a rip about me.

“I will never leave you nor forsake you” is a promise from God in regards to contentment. Yes the context is talking immediately about money and possessions but the application is for every area of our lives where we may find ourselves wanting. For those of us who have found forgiveness and grace in the arms of our savior we must recognize that Christ alone will fill any void we find.  Until we realize this and live this we will continue to be brought to great lows of loneliness and discontentment. We are promised that He will not leave us because in Him alone we will find the cure for the lack of peace and loneliness we have.

Twitter has a lot of good for us to take advantage of but we must also be careful to not allow it to be a comfort to us. Christ alone is our comfort. Perhaps I am preaching to the choir, but for each of us, what is that thing that we find comfort in that is not our Saviour? What do you turn to when you are hurting, discontented and lonely. Our savior alone will bring the lasting comfort that we all long for! Seek Him and Him alone!

Have to run to the cross and our Savior today?

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